Current Turn Around Time: 10 days
Wooden Handwriting Sign

    Wooden Handwriting Sign


    Multilayered wooden sign featuring your family member's writing. Its top layer displays a 3D-wooden handwritten phrase and the bottom layer is embellished with an engraved message transcribed from a provided sample of your loved one's handwriting. Sign is 3 layers of  1/4" wood keeping it lightweight and perfect for hanging or displaying. Use 3M tape to hang, Easel to display or add-on a picture hanger. 

    Upload a sample of writing you already have or if you haven't obtained your sample yet, here are some tips to make it easier: Obtain writing sample on a plain white sheet of paper (NO LINES) and choose a bold writing utensil such as a sharpie or Crayola style marker.   

    Due to the natural variability of wood, final products may feature different coloration, grain patterns, and knot placements.